Started My Own Wordpress SEO Blog

Yesterday I decided that WordPress was worth a go with a new SEO Blog I have started. It took no time at all to install WordPress on my GoDaddy account and away I went.

Two hours later I had posted my first article ‘Where Are Cornwall’s Websites‘ and then I shared the article to a few Facebook pages and across to Twitter and a few hours more and my article had had hundreds of views and over 50 likes.

I am really looking forward to writing my second SEO Article soon and hope to get into the nitty gritty of the profession.

Using WordPress for SEO purposes is a very good way of building up some good links across the web.


What is SEO?

I am often asked what SEO is, but not as often as someone tells me what SEO is!

SEO is a term used by anyone and everyone that have watched a Youtube video or two.

However search engine optimization is not just about gathering as many back-links as you can in the shortest time possible. In fact building back-links is only a certain percentage of SEO in general.

SEO should start with a website audit in which the SEO consultant will be able to identify key areas on-site that need attention first such as titles and meta tags, speed and localization.

After side wide alterations are made using expert white hat SEO methods we can then move onto off-site SEO.

Off-site SEO should also start with an SEO Audit to find current back-links. Competitor research should now be carried out to discover opportunities and citations should be checked.

Once this audit has been carried out and your site has been monitored using Google Analytics for an incubation period we can start fully implementing SEO such as link building and social networking.

To find out more please get in contact and chat with myself, James.